Online education is booming in United States! There are more and more degree programs being offered online than ever before. The truth is that online education gives students unrivaled flexibility in pursuing a degree program. But, the catch is that most schools offering online education charge very expensive tuition rates even though they don’t pay for classrooms, parking, electricity, maintenance and all the costs involved in running a student campus!

Therefore, this is definitely not a good option for our international students. But, the American Center of Higher Education for International Student (ACHEIS) has found a way to make online programs affordable for everybody!

While the primary focus of ACHEIS is on campus degree programs to facilitate our many international (F1) students visa requirements, we have agreed to partner with regionally accredited colleges to offer online degrees for your convenience at a surprisingly low tuition*! Tuition low enough that both USA and international students can afford!

Financial Aid and Scholarships available for those who qualify

Get the following degree in as little as 20 months without interrupting your current lifestyle, 100% online!

1. Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

2. Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

  • Specializations:
  • Accounting
  • Hospitality Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Sports Management

For all other programs offered you may choose to attend on-campus at the same affordable low tuition cost at one of the several college campuses located in New York and Miami area.

For more information, please complete the form below and one of our admissions advisor will contact you over the phone for a brief interview.

    * Please note that by leaving your information you authorize the American Center of Higher Education For International Students (ACHEIS) to assist you in all matters involving your Status as a student with our partner schools and organizations. This authorization will allow us to discuss education matters on your behalf with third parties, including but not limited to the schools.

    * Please note that Enrollment and any kind of Scholarships and/or Financial Aid eligibility will be determined solely by the school to which the student is referred. ACHEIS is only an agency of students’ referral and does not guarantee or provide enrollment, scholarships, or financial aid of any kind.

    * ACHEIS is in no way to be held responsible if you do not share the same view or opinion as ACHEIS has it disclosed on this website for any information. As an example: The term or phrase surprisingly low tuition is obviously a subjective point of view that we at ACHEIS feel it is proper to use based on the extensive research we have done by comparing tuition rates of multiple number of online programs.