Study in USA

The American Center of Higher Education (ACHEIS) can help you with scholarships, US student visa, and admissions process in a college or university in America! ACHEIS can help you with American evaluation of your foreign university or college degree completed in your country!

Got good grades? You may qualify for up to 50%* scholarship as an international student to study English, or complete your degree at college in Miami or New York!

Get an accredited two year college degree for less than $9900* as an international student in USA!
Pay in installments and study Business, Nursing, Information Technology, Criminal justice and more…
That’s even cheaper than many universities in Europe or Latin America!

Getting Started

ACHEIS provides assistance to international students to help find the ‘right’ program in the United States.

When we say the ‘right’ program, we are aiming at selecting the right school that meets your requirements and profile. We are not only about selecting the right program, we also help you get the best financial assistance and provide professional advisory to ensure you can successfully complete your schooling in the United States.

Why is it important to find the ‘right’ program? United States system of higher education offers countless opportunities to prospective students, which makes it hard for students to find the best suited program. For international students, the process is even harder because they do not have sufficient knowledge about program options and funding opportunities.

To get started complete the personal information form bellow. Based on the provided information, we will match you with the potential American Universities and Colleges that you can possibly enroll to obtain your American higher education. We will also provide you expert advisory on how you can finance your education in the United States.

You will receive information over the phone, via email, and possibly in your mail.
At ACHEIS, we are committed to exploring all higher education options for all our international students.