About Us

American Center of Higher Education for International Students (ACHEIS) is an organization based in Florida, USA. ACHEIS was created for international students from all over the world to be connected and enrolled in Universities and Colleges in the USA. ACHEIS has established a strong network of accredited colleges and universities throughout the United States. This network is constantly expanding and provides greater choices for prospective international students.

Services offered by ACHEIS

ACHEIS offers a multitude of services during the admissions process to prospective students to be enrolled in an American college or University. Some of the worth-mentioning services by ACHEIS include:

  • Making the admission process an easy one for international students by personalized live help from our international advisors
  • Providing unique options of lower tuition rates and discounts specially for international students
  • Giving more information about scholarships and other financial aid opportunities designed for international students
  • Offering advisory for better on-campus and online options to international students helping them save on costs
  • Providing significantly more options and opportunities for international students in their admission process

Our Values & Belief

At ACHEIS we strongly believe in the formidability of higher education system in the United States of America. We remain committed to make this exemplary system available to as many international students as possible from all over the world. ACHEIS is committed to the highest standards of integrity and fully respects and supports all academic and higher education laws, rules, guidelines, and standards in the USA.